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Jason Miller announces his candidacy for Roswell City Council, Post 1

Hi, my name is Jason Miller, and I live and work in Roswell, Georgia!  After careful consideration and lots of thinking, I am VERY excited to announce that I qualified for and intend to run for the upcoming special election to fill the Post 1 position for the Roswell City Council November 8, 2022!! 

I am confident that I can make a positive impact on our great City of Roswell, and I am anxious to get busy working on the Roswell Strategic plan that was adopted last year.  

Our city has had challenges with regards to growth and infrastructure development – whether the underdeveloped promises made by builders or unfathomable mismanagement of projects such as the Oxbo Road connector.  Opportunities abound in our city for improvements!

Public service, though mostly at a volunteer level, was very important to me growing up.  I am a natural born leader and understand what it takes to unite people for a common goal.  Whether as an Eagle Scout, Chief of the Fire Explorers or volunteering with the Bolivar County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) as a dispatcher, I do not back down from challenges and thrive on discovering new opportunities.  While working with the EOC, I had the privilege of engaging with the National Guard, FEMA, NOAA, and various city and county first responders during natural disasters and other county-wide emergencies.  These opportunities were invaluable for learning to be an excellent listener and communicator. 

Currently, those who know me best know I am relentless in the pursuit of accuracy, efficiency, and overall operational effectiveness for small to medium sized businesses, primarily in the retail automotive industry.  As a founder and entrepreneur, I built my company from the ground up, bootstrapped as it is called, into a highly successful data and technology company helping our clients do better each and every day for the last 18 years.  As a company, we coach our clients on ways to improve operational efficiencies while helping them ensure their overall financial health and well-being.  I intend to apply my relentless pursuit of perfection to my role as a councilmember in order to move our city forward in the best possible way.

Not only do I live, work, and play in Roswell, but I believe in us as a city so much, my company invested in a building to use as our headquarters on Market Place.  For the last 8 years, we have been proudly headquartered in Roswell, with the last two in our new HQ!  Our improvements to this property have since led to other property owners updating their buildings too, and I love seeing that progress.

After graduating high school in Cleveland, MS in 1994, I took a varied approach to my postsecondary education.  I spent my first two years studying Mechanical Engineering on an Air Force ROTC scholarship at the University of Alabama.  After my second year, my company transferred me to Memphis, where I studied Computer Engineering for a year.  Along the way, I fell out of love with engineering and took time away from school to focus on work.  By not saying no to opportunities offered, I started working in an accounting office at an automotive dealership in Memphis where I began learning.  Armed with that knowledge, I returned to the University of Memphis where I graduated in 2003 with my BBA in Accounting and a minor in Real Estate.  Professionally, before founding my company, I was a financial controller for various automotive dealerships and dealer groups.  With this experience, I learned budgeting, cost control, employee relations, and profit retention practices that I can parlay into my service on the Roswell City Council.

The upcoming special election is the perfect opportunity for me to get involved in what I love – local government – where real change can be made that ultimately affects each of us daily.  No incumbents to challenge and a fair field of excellent candidates running against me made this election an excellent entry point as a rookie to campaigning and learning how to spread my message across a city of 100,000.  I know I have an amazing circle of people around me that are excited for me and have my back through this campaign that will make sure I stay on task to not only make it through the campaign, but to WIN this race we have set out on!

I have given a lot of thought as to what my platform is and what core issues I would like to address in Roswell after I take office.  In all reality, our city is thriving and headed in a great direction under the Wilson administration.  That makes me even more excited to be involved!  However, my concerns for the city and all my neighbors are common to us all:  traffic; safety; and controlled, meaningful development initiatives that improve the overall quality and character of Roswell, especially since we are the pocket of perfect in my opinion.

With about 90 days left until the election, time is of the essence for building my campaign!  To be truthful, I’m not really certain of how to do that effectively, but I cannot wait to try!  Our website is up,, our Twitter is ready @jasonforroswell, and our Facebook is polished and ready for content  Follow me and connect PLEASE!  If you don’t, you’ll miss out on my message!  My email address is and I’d love to hear from everyone, especially those of you in Roswell, with ideas on things to make our city better and issues you would like to discuss.  Even if you don’t live in Roswell yet, let me know ideas you may have seen in other cities that would fit here!!

So, what is the plan?  We will be releasing a calendar of events very soon which will include information for our official campaign kickoff event.  I plan on having two events per week beginning August 15 where I will make myself available to meet at a predetermined place and time in Roswell.  Want to host me for a meet-and-greet with your friends and neighbors?  PLEASE DO!  I’ll be building a volunteer list for various events as well.  We’ll be canvassing and calling the voters of Roswell too, so they start thinking about the Jason Miller campaign and hearing our ideas, and us hearing theirs, on ways to make us all better.

Thank you so much for reading this, and please know that I am humbled at this opportunity.  I am excited to learn more about how we can make Roswell better and how I can contribute to that coming to fruition!!  GO VOTE November 8, 2022!

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