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Being in and around our city for the last 8 years, I constantly see opportunities for us to do better - to be better.  From enhancing our economic centers in East Roswell to ensuring that our community-driven development plans are executed appropriately, I see opportunity all around us.  This vision, coupled with having ZERO special interests - other than those of the tax-paying residents and my overarching belief in our success as a city - is key to parlaying our opportunities to build our better future.  No matter our differences, the same chances to find, build, and grow our dreams in Roswell are ours for the taking.  Let's go get it.  In whatever capacity I can help, I'm anxious to get started.

From rebuilding a better business environment to ensuring we are advertising our city to potential employers; we have a great need for Economic development - primarily on the East side of Roswell.  Let's not only drive our economic abilities, but let us never forget the sheer beauty in Roswell that we are blessed to live in.  From our award-winning park system to our bustling city centers, we offer so much potential to future entrepreneurs and residents – we must promote that in a more meaningful way.

One huge consideration?  Bringing back the Opportunity Tax zone credits offered by Roswell a couple of years ago.  These credits, along with our location, are what won me and my company over versus surrounding cities.  You just can't beat our parks! Low business taxes, great tax credits for hiring locally, and the perfect area to build our businesses and our families in, is the perfect recipe for managed growth.

Bond Referendum

Bonds are on the ballot for all of Roswell's residents and I want to make sure everyone that I talk to understands this in its entirety.  Bonds are an extremely effective method for municipalities to raise funding to work on a variety of projects.  Even better news?  Roswell has maintained a AAA bond rating, which means we receive favorable interest rates for issued debt.  More information is available here.

There are three (3) bonds up for consideration, and all exclusive of each other - meaning we can pass one, two, all, or none if we like.  The catch is, you MUST vote to have any sort of impact.  The majority rule is in play, so any bonds receiving greater than 50% of yesses will pass - regardless of how many people vote.

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East Roswell Investment

Reinvigoration along the Holcomb Bridge corridor is necessary.  There are opportunities to repurpose empty shopping centers into new hotspots and areas of entertainment. 

Mosty importantly, my plan also includes adding a police substation for our police officers working in East Roswell to operate out of and perform their work more effectively and efficiently. 

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Attracting New Business

Economic development is important for bringing the high-quality, great paying jobs to our city that will in turn, attract great talent.  With our abundant natural resources, it is an easy sell for those looking to build their families and futures.  Whatever help I can provide to move the needle, I'm all in!

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Strategic Planning

Roswell is a beautiful city from border to border, and with careful planning, we can ensure the longevity of our city with prudent, growth-driven practices that protect the best interests of our citizenry and our city as a whole.  We've had a very rough and expensive go of it with what we've done in the past.  From Oxbo Road debacle to the Gateway project to the Roswell Exchange Shopping Center, we have lots of work to do.  I am excited to see what Southern Post brings to our city.  We must make sure nothing falls through the cracks with that project. 

Driving around nearly every square mile of our city over the last few weeks, I have found some very thoughtfully developed neighborhoods with great greenspace included.  We need more of this thoughtfulness in our overall city design and future planning. 

I'm looking forward to an opportunity to meet with various members of our committees to understand their thoughts on development too.


Home to nearly 100,000 residents, our City requires careful traffic planning to ensure our continued safety and to make certain things continue to run smoothly within our departments that help manage traffic situations - whether our transportation, public works, or police departments, communication is key.

I see our transportation department hard at work daily making sure things are running smoothly.  We have round-abouts in place throughout our city which generally allow for better traffic flow versus red lights and stop signs.  Plus, these round-abouts provide us opportunities to create visually appealing greenscapes.  I do see drivers speeding through these areas though, so these areas could use rumble strips to alert drivers to their speeds.

I will continue to update this topic as I meet with citizens and hear feedback on what affects them.

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