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Attracting New Business

Economic development is important for bringing the high-quality, great paying jobs to our city that will in turn, attract great talent.  With our abundant natural resources, it is an easy sell for those looking to build their families and futures.  Whatever help I can provide to move the needle, I'm all in!

About 10 years ago, as I was actively hunting for a business-friendly city to relocate our growing company to, I found Roswell.  Not only did the location make great business sense, so did the incentives offered to companies like mine to establish ourselves and grow - the incentives were the perfect economic vehicle for reinvesting in ourselves and Roswell while adding GREAT above-average paying jobs - and even more importantly, MAINTAINING those jobs to grow our tax base!  And so, we made the move to Roswell and officially established our roots.  It is the best decision I've made for the company to date, and the local Opportunity Tax zone credits were the perfect catalyst to ignite our growth.  This is NOT the same as Federal Opportunity Tax zones.  I promise to work on reestablishing this program, or one very similar, to bring new businesses to Roswell once elected!

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